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The bicycles

Bike Tours Maastricht uses authentic Dutch Granny bikes, on which you sit nicely and straight-up to give you a good view of traffic. Our high-quality bicycles have 3 gears, hand brakes and convenient shopping baskets at the front.
The bikes are appropriate for adults and children as of 12 years and older.

Maastricht by bike:

Cycling is the perfect way of discovering the city. Covering the city in a relaxed way, there is enough time to look around and enjoy the unique Maastricht atmosphere.

While cycling you can get inspired for your weekend in Maastricht and at the same time spare your feet for a pub crawl at night!

We only cycle on suitable paths. The speed is not too high, enabling the tour for both young and old. The classic Dutch bike is perfectly equipped for offering you the most joyous tour possible. | +31-615086190