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About us

Bike Tours Maastricht is the company specialised in organising bicycle city trips through Maastricht. Founder and owner is Veronique America, who had the idea to organise bike tours especially for active people enjoying life. Veronique lives in Maastricht and knows the city like the back of her hand. Riding on her elegant red bike she could not be overlooked, which inspired her to start Bike Tours Maastricht.

Veronique and her fellow guides are Maastricht residents. They are quite proud to show you around in their beautiful city with enthusiasm and humour. We all speak Dutch, English, German and the local dialect, allowing us to be the perfect link between you and the city. We take great pleasure in sharing what we know about Maastricht, varying from lovely restaurants, nice caf├ęs and quite a few other places in and around Maastricht. | +31-615086190